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Est. 1847




Darlington Township Road Master

   Kevin McRoberts





A Reminder From The Darlington Township Road Department


All Township owned roads carry a 10 ton weight limit. Anyone planning to travel on a Township road in a vehicle over 10 tons is required to bond the road or roads. Applications for bonding the roads can be obtained at the Township Office. Anyone who is found on a road they have not bonded is subject to a $500 fine from the Police Department.


Residents are cautioned that mud and other debris is not allowed to run off of their property onto the roads. This causes culverts and catch basins to become plugged in turn causing flooding of the roadway and neighboring properties.


The Township Road Department will install a new culvert pipe at the end of a residents driveway free of charge if the resident supplies the new pipe. If yours needs replaced, please contact the Road Master for proper sizing and answers to any other questions you may have.

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