Darlington Township Historical Landmark


Greersburg Academy was an institution

established by Reverend Thomas Hughes in

Darlington, Pennsylvania, United States in 1802.

The academy was created as a "prep" school for

college. Classes included languages, philosophy,

and astronomy. The stone structure was built

around 1806 making it one of the oldest buildings

still standing in Beaver County. Though it wasn't

originally intended to be used for anything else

but school, the structure did function as a railway

station for a time. It served several railroads

between 1883 and 1972. There were railroad

stations built in other countries solely for trains,

and some of these stations date back to the 1830's like the Liverpool Road railway station in Manchester, England. However, the academy building was built in 1806, which possibly makes it the oldest structure in the world to have ever been used as a station. The Little Beaver Historical Society currently maintains the structure.


Notable Students

John Brown - Famous abolitionist
Walter Forward - 15th Secretary of the Treasury 1841-1843
John White Geary - An American Civil War general who served in theUnion Army and first mayor of San Francisco
Daniel Leasure - Union Army Colonel during the American Civil War and later trustee of the academy
William Holmes McGuffey - American professor and creator of Mcguffey Readers


Photo's taken from Little Beaver Historical Society Facebook Site


Peffers Store Darlington 1907 building still exists in Darlington. Was Darlington post office for many years also.


Peffer's store Darlington.


GRAHAM BROTHERS Ford tractor dealership.. Building later became Darlington Fire department.


Darlington brick 1920's gas fired kilns.


Peffers store today 2020


Beaver Falls Darlington East Palestine Bus


Graham Brothers wagon store Darlington PA


 Darlington Fire department.


Hartshorn school Cannelton 1903


Greersburg Station 1920 the men are Bob Cook William Benson and Doctor W.S. Cook This view is the back of Greersburg Academy the bump out to the left of the picture was the ticket office. When the historical society took over the Academy from the railroad they tore that bump out off and restored it to what it looked like when the building was built.


Oakdale School Cannelton


Downtown Darlington 1921 check out that pot hole.

Beaver County miners Darlington Brick and Clay company


1950 blizzard corner of Old Darlington Road and Wallace Run Road, where Jack's Independent Service is now located.


This is a local road in Darlington in the 1920's


C.W. PEFFER in front of his store Darlington

Watts mill and bridge, hopefully the bridge will be put back before the end of the year 2020

Darlington School.jpg

Darlington Joint school building.


Downtown Darlington 4th of July 1920's


Darlington Hotel Darlington PA this hotel sat at the corner lot where Classic Express gas station and car wash are currently located


Front porch of the Darlington Hotel 1903. The Darlington hotel was a very fancy establishment for its time . It had a small movie theater , a garage for 20 cars, a 5000 gallon water tank that supplied running water to the rooms, Ice house, bar,restaurant , and laundry all on site . It sat at 702 Market Street where the current Classic express gas station sits. It burnt down in 1925.

Darlington Hotel.jpg

Darlington Hotel, sat at the corner of 2nd and Market streets in Darlington

Americans have always loved to travel. Back before super highways, rest stops, and the Holiday Inn Express, these little roadside cottages could be found just about anywhere. Travelers found simple amenities here...a comfortable, dry place to lay their head before heading back out on the road in the morning.

This is a Vintage Aerial Photograph (circa 1967) of a little cluster of cottages on an old section of Route 51/ Constitution Blvd. in Darlington Twp., located presently between Harry's Place and Grim's Trailer Sales. This lonely little cottage in the second photo is the only one left to tell the story of simpler times, when life went at a slower pace.


Darlington Lake


1939 Darlington Lake


Darlington Lake, May 1977, From BCHRLF archives


Darlington Lake when the lake was just the dammed up Little Beaver Creek


another early postcard Darlington Lake Park


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