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Darlington Township Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief - Bill Douthitt

President - Brian Farkas



Non-Emergency Call 724-827-2643

3590 Darlington Rd, Darlington, PA



There is one major area where you, the residents, can help us as well as helping yourselves. Over ten years ago, all of the homes in Beaver County received new street numbers to replace the Rural Route numbers which had been in place. The new street numbers were intended to assist emergency responders in locating the homes of those in need of assistance.


There is one problem, however. Those house numbers are of no value if the police, fire department and ambulance personnel can’t see them. Keep vegetation or other obstructions from obscuring your number. If you have a long driveway or your house is not visible from the road, make sure your house number is posted near the main road and is clearly visible. Remember, the more quickly we can find your house, the more quickly we can begin to help you, and every minute counts.


Darlington Volunteer Fire Department sells green reflective number plates with white reflective numbers for just $15. These can be made horizontal or vertical, one-sided or two-sided. We will install them for an additional $5 charge. To order a plate, contact the Township Office or simply stop in during normal business hours.


Established in 1926


Kids Fire Safety:
For fire safety games and learning tools visit Sparky the Fire Dog at

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