Greersburg Academy was an institution

established by Reverend Thomas Hughes in

Darlington, Pennsylvania, United States in 1802.

The academy was created as a "prep" school for

college. Classes included languages, philosophy,

and astronomy. The stone structure was built

around 1806 making it one of the oldest buildings

still standing in Beaver County. Though it wasn't

originally intended to be used for anything else

but school, the structure did function as a railway

station for a time. It served several railroads

between 1883 and 1972. There were railroad

stations built in other countries solely for trains,

and some of these stations date back to the 1830's

like the Liverpool Road railway station in Manchester, England. However, the academy building was built in 1806, which possibly makes it the oldest structure in the world to have ever been used as a station. The Little Beaver Historical Society currently maintains the structure.



Notable Students

John Brown - Famous abolitionist
Walter Forward - 15th Secretary of the Treasury 1841-1843
John White Geary - An American Civil War general who served in theUnion Army and first mayor of San Francisco
Daniel Leasure - Union Army Colonel during the American Civil War and later trustee of the academy
William Holmes McGuffey - American professor and creator of Mcguffey Readers

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